It’s the summer of 2017 and DC/Warner Bros. has fleshed out three animated movies. Justice League: Dark & Teen Titans: Judas Contract, the latter of which was fairly okay.

Now Batman and Harley Quinn is out and it’s every bit as bad as the trailer suggested it to be. The movie looks lazy and it’s a shame Bruce Timm’s animated style was used because it made it even worse.

It’s slowly becoming a common theme with DC to pair up two very distant characters in a sexual sense and make them do exactly that. Whether on-screen or not. We know what happened. In this, Harley and Nightwing have twenty minutes of “naughty-fun time” and it just irks my soul. This same act was carried out in the Killing Joke where DC was scrambling around looking for how to fill in their one hour plus time quota and then made Batgirl and Batman have sex. It’s becoming a theme and if we’re not careful we’re going to have Beast Boy and Powergirl soon.


PG-13, Rated R or not some things just don’t feel right. It’s not like the movie is not supposed to be for younger audiences because it’s not meant for the older audiences. Is it meant for fans of the original Batman series? Can’t say either because one would think Arleen Sorkin would return or at least Tara Strong given that Kevin Conroy returned as Batman as did Loren Lester as Nightwing.

Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) didn’t necessarily do a bad job. It’s just that if this was Harley’s original appearance back when she debuted in 1992, Margot Robbie would’ve most likely played Killer Frost in Suicide Squad because there’d be no Harley Quinn to play.

Warner Bros DC Animated Movie Batman and Harley Quinn 009

It’s such a shame. Harley’s first major lead role in an animated movie and she’s nothing like Harley. Harley is not supposed to open her mouth to speak and I should be wanting every scene to end. They really messed up her character and the movie suffered desperately for it. Then Neither Batman or Nightwing could make up for it because I couldn’t recognise them either.

Speaking of unrecognisable characters, at the climax of the movie when the Floronic man (sigh) is about to destroy all living form on earth Swamp thing comes out from…the swamp much to the delight of Harley, Pamela (Poison Ivy), Batman & Nightwing after they failed to stop him. He comes out, Floronic man is scared, but then Swamp thing just gives a speech and legit tells him to do as he pleases. Swamp thing. The protector of the green.


One good part of the movie though, was Harley and Pamela’s relationship especially at the end, Melissa Rauch’s cover of Blondie‘s Hanging on the Telephone and also Booster Gold’s cameo (voiced by Bruce Timm) albeit over the phone in the Bat-mobile. How convenient the Bat-mobile should come up. Before this scene Harley legit released gas in the Bat-mobile in a contender for most cringe-worthy scene ever. After that, on the way to Bludhaven mind, she took them to a bar where criminals meet and for some reason none of them recognised Nightwing. I couldn’t understand it. This means that either Nightwing sucks at his job or the writers do.

Harley Quinn is such a beloved character but DC showed they really haven’t learnt their lesson from making Barbara desperate and needy for some Bat-D to reducing Harley to a character of lust, tits and ass. DC is like that kid that gets his first toy and is intrigued by the possibilities of it when in hindsight it’s just a toy car that you drive. That’s how they get when they are rewarded with even a PG-13 rating. I don’t need you to imagine how they treat R-ratings.


For goodness-sake at the beginning, like in her first scene she’s shown working in a restaurant called “Superbabes” where women dress skimpy as female heroes/villains to arouse men. The perfect cover. The first image we see is of her ass bending over. A guy tries groping her to which she snaps his wrist. Nightwing follows her home, they fight, she knocks him out as she has no interest in helping defeat her old pal Ivy. Then when he wakes up, she complains to him about how she can’t get a job except the ones for whores and feels mistreated for someone with a doctorate degree. Two seconds later she’s stripping down glaring at Nightwing’s erected cock and proceeding to have sex with him. I must be missing something.

Nothing wrong with the way characters get sexualized. I mean for a character like Harley she has never hidden it. Including her relationship with Ivy in the comics. Let’s be honest, if it were Harley that was sexually harassed like Dick was in this movie we won’t hear the last of it. But she has always embraced how she dresses and who she is but that doesn’t mean she should be flat-out whore-alised in this manner.

Warner Bros DC Animated Movie Batman and Harley Quinn 002

It’s time for DC to do better not just ethically towards major characters but also efficiently towards fans.

Don’t even bother with the post-credits scene. It makes no sense like the whole plot of the movie. 

SuperBabes Rating – 3.3/10


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