Listen carefully as this may be my last concern.

Never concern yourself with what doesn’t concern you.

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” – Myles Munroe

Remember, remember clearly; always do the right thing. Most likely you won’t be rewarded.

But a clear head is better than a bitter end.

Don’t expect too much and don’t expect too little. Keep living this way and you’ll be surprised how little you can get surprised in a lifetime.

People will disappoint you no matter how prepared you were already. Because it takes only one person to stab you at the back and rip the knife from your heart.

Never change. Ever. You are who you are. No matter what you’ve seen or what has been done.

A loud mouth says nothing; a silent mind speaks volumes.

If bad remains a constant towards you why should the good in you be any different?

The wise will speak and people will listen; the famed does the same and people will follow.

Never blame bad people for what they do. It’s who they are.

That’s why when you do what’s right do it because it’s an impulse, because it’s who you are not because it’s the right thing to do.

Everybody has their opinion on what is wrong and right. There is never one truth.

Man is certain to have his own truth, though perceived as a lie by many. Stick to your truth so when someone calls it a lie, their truth becomes the lie.

Never be a fool for anyone. Still insist on being one? Then let it be on your terms.

Respect people. Don’t wait for them to earn it. Demand respect don’t wait for them to ask.

Don’t give too much love away. Love your neighbour as yourself. Not more than.

People are interested in the gist of your sad story not how you get through it.

And if they don’t care about the struggle, who are they to talk about how you face it?

The contents of a book seldom matters anymore. So how do you judge? Don’t.

If you must blindly follow your heart in a relationship bring your other senses along.

You failed. You’re not a failure.

Just like in a dream, you decide what happens; just like your dreams you decide what happens. Your dreams are important. Nothing should hold more value.

Everything has it’s time. There’s no defined time or a limit to when achievement can become definite. Don’t be afraid. It can be done.

But be careful, because even when you control time it refuses to wait.

Purpose. Principles. Priorities.

The years are unkind. For how can a child who couldn’t wait to see a birthday present, now want anything but his birthday in present.

Stop blaming your heart for wrong decisions. It’s only you that truly knows what you want. Think. Don’t follow.

If you’re not worth the trouble to someone, you’re not worth their time. Therefore you’re not worth it to them.

In your time of need you will find those that have always cared beside you. You will also find those that have always cared behind you.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck.

“Good guys never win.” What other trivial things are we looking forward to today?

It’s difficult, not everybody succeeds. Make it easy and not everybody does it.

If you want to take back every dumb thing you’ve done, you’re going to be left doing one more dumb thing.

Experience is the best teacher. I know this from experience.

While you’re seeing the future with someone, they are presently seeking the past.

Always lend a helping hand to enable one stand on their feet. Always seek a helping hand to enable you move with your feet.

A scar can heal if you let it.

It’s not peer pressure, it’s you.

Absolutely nothing wrong with being a narcissist for to whom do you want these concerns for?


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