Just brilliant. Just incredible. I’m still in awe of LOGAN some four hours after the credits rolled. Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the adamantium, raging mutant has finally come to an end after 17 long years of wonderful service to the character. It’s still difficult to believe this is really the last time we’ll see Hugh as Wolverine because despite the amount of great actors out there that can take the role I just can’t see them filling his boots. If you had asked me before I saw that first trailer with Johnny Cash’ Hurt vibing through clips I’d have said he’ll be missed but Fox will eventually replace him. But after today I genuinely hope they retire the character for another 17 years. Yes Hugh Jackman’s final performance was that good.
In the year 2029 mutants are almost extinct, Wolverine has taken up a job as a Limousine driver, he encounters some thugs trying to steal parts of his cars and five minutes into the movie we see how LOGAN got its rating. You just wish Fox had decided to take more risks before Deadpool was a huge success last year and given Wolverine the bloody gore it was always meant for.


Logan is hiding Professor X (Patrick Stewart) who is now old, well….older, and is in his nineties from US officials near the Mexican border. This is because, Charles’ powers have begun to really deteriorate in the kind of manner where he has seizures which causes destruction on a wide scale so the U.S government deemed him a “weapon of mass destruction”. We see Logan and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) taking care of Charles with drugs and sedatives as his mental state gets worse by the day. These scenes are very hard to watch mainly because of the realism crafted into it and also the realisation that Stewart and Jackman are well and truly done.

Logan has given up on the good fight, just brutally killing anyone who dares to cause him harm, but things change as he’s on a job at a funeral ground and his approached by a woman, Gabriella (Elizabeth Rodriguez, OINTB) who tells him, desperately that she’s in need of his help . Logan, the grizzled bearded man that he is, ignores her with a few expletives and moves on. Later on, he gets a job on his phone but has to read them with glasses, showing more signs of his now aged body failing him for the first time. When he gets to the pick up he sees it’s Gabriella and Laura (Dafne Keen) whom he saw briefly in Gabriella’s car at the funeral. He tells her if she needs to go somewhere she can call a cab sensing she’s trouble but after she offers him just enough money to get him and Charles away from the world, he agrees to take Laura to North Dakota.

It’s after Laura however sneaks into the trunk of Logan’s car and he is tracked by government agents does he really know what he’s up against as he is reluctantly dragged back into the hero world even if for one last time.


I think I’m of the group of people who enjoyed Hugh Jackman’s second solo outing as Wolverine in 2013’s The Wolverine also directed by James Mangold. Although not as brutal and touching like this it was still a good movie overall something I didn’t expect given how the first movie went. It was no surprise then that Mangold returned for the final film and he does Wolverine and Hugh Jackman justice in every sense of the word.

For this film Hugh Jackman captured the old and grizzled Wolverine we’ve been teased about for over a year now in a way he hasn’t been seen at all most likely in any of his films bar 2013’s Prisoners. This movie should give him his second Oscar nomination and a best picture nomination but we already know how the Academy works so yeah…not happening. After comic book movies like The Dark Knight and The Winter Soldier were ignored no way LOGAN will buck the trend.


LOGAN is loosely based on the very successful comic “Old Man Logan” and Mangold here shows his dedication to the source material while also flexing his creative wand to make LOGAN stand on its own almost entirely away from the X-Men Universe whilst still keeping in-touch with its predecessors.

Hugh Jackman’s co-star Dafne Keen plays a brilliant X-23, more than what I could have ever imagined after first spotting the character in X-Men Evolution. She perfectly executes the character and also shows care and love for Logan and Charles. She barely speaks in the movie and even if she didn’t, she would have been the second best part in the X-Men universe since DOFP. She’s that good and Fox would be wise not to rush her into her own movie yet or a movie with her and the remaining surviving mutants rather usher her in their upcoming X-Universe. Hey! maybe with Deadpool?

Boyd Holbrook plays Pierce as the leader of the Reavers tasked with capturing the runaway mutants and is more threatening verbally than he is physically. He mostly sends his men to do the dirty work and at some point Wolverine’s clone “X-24” overall he was one of those forgetful villains but one that fit in perfectly with the plot both with his purpose and character. Dr. Rice (Richard Grant) on the other hand was one of those doctors who believes what he does/did is for the greater good but isn’t. He was apparently responsible for the extinction of mutants which…well let’s just say in Logan’s case ignorance would have been bliss.


The script of the movie is clever and co-written by Mangold and with the movie being R-rated it would’ve been easy to fall into the temptation of unleashing all the swear words possible which felt like that at he beginning to be honest, but it had to do more with getting used to the characters changing it up a bit than anything else.

The movie is unapologetic in its gore and brutal fight scenes and Mangold makes every moment very engaging even scenes were we witness Logan’s healing abilities drastically limited. Fox would do well to tie Mangold down for future projects.

In all LOGAN is a master-piece, definitely the best in the X-Men universe, a beautifully executed farewell to one of the greatest actors of the past two decades and if this is indeed his final bow as he’s said countless times, then fans and casual movie enthusiasts are going to be pleased.


Rating – 9.5/10


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