Sometimes I wonder if, along with the last two years of Arrow, the writers also got trapped or lost on Liang Yu along with their finished draft for seasons 3 and 4 of this once beloved show.

It was an unusual cool afternoon in October 2012. It came to my attention via twitter that a “Green Arrow” series had premiered the previous day. It was barely 2 months that I had concluded a famed CW show “Smallville”. Could this be yet another masterstroke in the CWverse? One download away and I slouched back atop my bed eager to find out. I was too be delayed however, as the network was barely moving, but as soon as I finished, I looked at “more downloads” and behold I saw yet another Smallville reminder in “Beauty and the Beast” why was this a reminder you ask? Well because the star of the show was the pretty, although at times annoying Kristen Kreuk who played Lana Lang for 8 seasons before she was killed off. “Beauty and the Beast” was a bore as expected and that’s why I watched it first.


Before I watched Arrow, I hoped the star, (Stephen Amell) would be as good if not better than the Smallville version (Justin Hartley). He exceeded my expectations. Arrow was gritty, true and grounded for two years. The supporting cast was awesome until they decided to make an I.T girl the star of the show from the end of season 2 onwards.

I guess it’s our fault; us fans wanted Oliver to engage with Felicity but as the writers teased the possibility of it happening over and over again so did the fan Base ship “Olicity” and thus Arrow became a joke. From stealing a whole lot of batman villains and plots to mocking one of the best villains ever in Ra’s Al Ghul. It’s no wonder the heads at WB decided to kill one Villain after another on the show and instead make a Suicide Squad movie which is due in August.


Manu Bennett portrayed one of the best comic book villains you would ever see both on TV and Film in the second season of the show until Arrow decided to become something it’s not and delve into the world of mysticism and powers, something best suited for other “Berlanti verse” shows such as The FlashLegends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl.


He and his writers need to look back at these two years and see what went wrong. Was it the unnecessary flashbacks? Poor dialogue, maybe tone down Felicity’s role to the minimum?,poorly written supporting characters? and so on. Oliver spent five years on the island and fans might look into his past once more; possibly of his time in Russia. Four years for me though is enough.

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