After Wolverine Origins in 2009, deadpool’s debut, it’s wise not to recount but plainly speaking, that wasn’t deadpool and it’s a shame Ryan loved the character so much but as an actor there’s only so much you can do. Then in 2011, DC decided to give Hal Jordan a shot in the midst of their successful  batman franchise with Green Lantern and cast Reynolds just two years after Origins. Aside from making the super-suit green and animated, there was so much wrong with it. But it wasn’t Ryan Reynolds. Watch any interview of Reynolds promoting deadpool and you could almost tell he felt hurt by the way deadpool was portrayed in Origins, not by his performance but by how it was written.

Reynolds and the cast and crew of deadpool fought really hard for an R-Rated deadpool because that is how he should be and how he should be portrayed and after seeing the movie, I highly doubt it would have been as much fun should it have been PG-13.

When the opening credits of deadpool began, you could immediately sense this was not your average superhero movie. The manner in which it was executed was plainly put, picture perfect. To fully grasp the magic of this movie however, we have to take a trip to the beginning, since that’s what the movie did.


After deadpool brutally slaughters Ajax’s (British Villain) men at the beginning which ironically was the scene that began the production of deadpool which was ‘leaked’ two years ago; we go back to Wade Wilson’s early days as a mercenary as he confronts a pizza boy stalker. This scene perfectly captures Ryan Reynolds magic as Wade or Deadpool, sometimes it felt as though Wade Wilson was playing Ryan Reynolds. 

He meets Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa Carlysle at his fellow Merc’s for hire pub. And again she kills it in another comic book role as she’s currently doing in Gotham and her many voice works in DC animation. Like the promos for the movie prior to it’s release, she clearly shows that she’s not just some other damsel who needs saving.


When Ryan Reynolds explained that he’s been waiting 11 years to do deadpool you could almost feel the importance of the character to him and how gut-wrenching it was to see the character portrayed so badly they had to sew his mouth up in X-Men Origins. When Ajax suggested they do the same to him, it was one of the many easter eggs in movie. And this movie has them plenty.

Kevin Spacey in my opinion is the King of fourth-wall breaking, but that position is under threat from Ryan Reynolds  Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller have done so much justice to this character you needn’t wonder why deadpool took his own suit home after production wrapped. He deserves it. From the Wolverine jabs, to the Liam Neeson dream, to his taxi friend whom he gave a terrible piece of advice to; there’s too much to go into, but you can tell there was effort and heart put into this movie, something Josh Trank failed to achieve with Fantastic Four last year.


I would be an avocado fucking an older avocado if I forgot the two X-men. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead play a crucial role in Wade probably if ever joining the X-men. This is Colossus. Daniel Cudmore didn’t do a bad job at all while portraying the big Russian in three movies. But if you’ve seen Peter Rasputin in animation or the comics you’d know this is the closest version we’ve seen on the big screen.


His fight with Gina Carano’s Angel dust was great and also showed, if he hadn’t already what a gentleman he is by stopping the fight halfway because her tits were out. Brilliant. Both he and Warhead (it had to be shortened). were more than just cameos, infact it’s the X-mansion that makes a cameo and also Hugh Jackman…in a magazine. The mansion consisted of only Colossus and Warhead probably due to the studio not able to afford more X-men, I don’t know.

Brianna Hildebrand and Gina Carano barely speak up to 100 words combined. But their performance was very captivating. Especially Brianna, she stole every scene she was in, whether by tweeting or going full on mutant mode on Angel Dust.


I am going to nitpick and say the movie is not perfect. Only one thing can be perfect though in a marvel comic book movie. The lack of a compelling villain, with the exception of TWS obviously. I wasn’t buying the “What’s my name” gig from Ed Skrein’s Ajax. I mean if Drake couldn’t answer that question why bother asking it again?

Secondly I’m not the biggest fan of flash-back, flash-forward story-telling except you’re trying to solve a murder *wink*.

Hugh Jackman will hang up his claws next year when his Wolverine trilogy wraps up after almost 20years of not wearing the original costume and one year of trying to forget X-men Origins happened. It took me two. But fans of the X-men franchise needn’t worry, because from the evidence of this movie and with it opening to a record $12.7million and also a sequel featuring Cable(!!) on the way, it’s fair to assume Fox has a long term plan for Reynolds in this universe and this time they’re not sewing him shut.



  Rating – 9/10

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