“Yea, just dropped my 222nd tv spot, how ’bout one more before my movie drops on Friday”


Perhaps a ridiculous question to ask. One that if posed to the marketing team of Deadpool would be repelled as quickly as another one is brought up. But credit to the promotional team and Ryan Reynolds for bringing out up to 22 tv spots at the time of writing, multiple trailers and merchandise and still manage to keep the film from being not fully spoilt.

But this is not just about deadpool, it’s become a norm in the superhero silver screen for over a year now. I was already eager to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 in cinemas back in 2014 and the trailer(s) got me excited. But then came the spots, Images and MORE TRAILERS. For one thing it’s clear Marc Webb and the other heads back at Sony knew the Spiderman franchise has been on life support since Tobey Maguire decided to dance his way through the critically panned Spiderman 3 movie. With this in mind they were probably like “Oh, the 5th trailer wasn’t good enough, why don’t we tease the rise of green goblin and sinister six and oh put in rhino and don’t forget to show Gwen Stacy with the dress she wore when she died in the comics”. Sadly that didn’t help Andrew Garfield, who was a brilliant Spiderman, but just reverted the rights back to Marvel(part of it though).

Now did the trailers and spots make the movie bad? no. That was just the multiple plots, an underwhelming Jamie Foxx and a re-enactment of The Notebook by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Did it however withdraw every ounce of excitement from audiences, clearly. I would say I wish Iron Man 3 showed me enough to see that the Mandarin was actually Ben Kingsley acting as Bryan, acting as the Mandarin, then maybe I wouldn’t have bothered contributing to it’s 1billion dollars box office haul.

Last Year Avengers Age of Ultron was released and it just wasn’t good. It’s still a fun movie as is every Marvel movie these days, but before I went to see the movie, I already knew Scarlett Johansson would say “Hey big guy” and the Hulk would be sane again.


And also that Scarlet Witch would be the main reason Hulk and Iron Man would duke it out. Now, through the promotional photos it was already clear that this would happen. But you see that’s just all one needs to be pumped for a superhero blockbuster sequel. Make the audience anticipate, don’t just throw everything inside.

There was a time when one trailer was enough to get a movie fanatic going. But because we’re in a new age and especially the superhero era, where there’s so much competition, one could understand the release of multiple trailers to an extent. But I would never understand the case for Batman V Superman.

Before this movie even began production, it was met with huge criticism largely due to the casting of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. Those criticisms have crawled into a bat-cave. Now when you’re selling a movie that has Batman’s name on the title. You show us Batman footage, there’s no other alternative. Zack Snyder has done well to show us Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman(though she’s yet to utter a single phrase), Bruce Wayne’s parents death(for the 52nd time) and more. But then he took the risk of revealing doomsday to the audience in the movie’s last trailer. Huge risk. Huge gamble.

Doomsday was rumoured and subsequently revealed in the latest BatmanvSuperman trailer, much to the displeasure of fans.

Truth is, there were rumours he was in the movie and there were also rumours of how he came to be. But at the time that’s all they were. If I walked into the cinema on March 25th I’d still have had the same excitement with or without those rumours, but then Zack and his team probably thought it’s best to end the speculation and just show the fans what they “already know”. But there were people, like me that barely put substance to the rumours. So when I watched that trailer and saw doomsday towards the end, I was surprised in the worst way possible.

The same thing happened with the Empire magazine when Darkseid was teased. Yes Darkseid. It’s unbelievable. What’s worse? It’s been confirmed that ANOTHER trailer is being dropped in the near future. What’s to say we wont see our first look of Aquaman then? Read here

The Omega symbol shown with Desert Batman looking sadly over another ruined image from the movie.

There were two tv spots that were released again, just after the “Doom Trailer” that aimed focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne’s side and Superman/Clark Kent’s side. In it, we see that the “Do you bleed?” scene was on a whole other scene than the one showed in the film’s very first teaser. There’s great stuff from the two spots. But I’d have greatly preferred to see these conflicts for the first time when I watch the movie, not reciting the lines as a chorus.

Superhero movies should cease from too much information before their movie drops. There’s no excuse for it. You can’t say there’s not enough hype or awareness. Less trailers aids a movie enormously, too much? ruins it.



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