Another week, another weak episode from AMC’s The Walking Dead. These days when I hear ” AMC presents scenes from the next episode of the walking dead.” That voice has been a refreshing detour from the past three weeks of seeing how Morgan became Bushido Brown, more Moral lessons and this week more extras than we could care for…even for a show as filled TWD.

Nobody cares about “jss”. Infact so far in season 6, the walkers have more life in them than what has been laid bare to us in the form of television.
I mean, where’s Michone?, Rick’s been below-par and this week’s Daryl-centric episode could be classified as a filler.

There’s no harm in character development, I’m actually a fan of such procedure. But Christ goodness Episode 4’s “Here’s not Here” was such a drag. With over one hour of airing time, I was filled with anxiety to see what the episode had in store….if you’re yet to watch it, I can tell you now, a goat would’ve done better.

After Season 2, I was a bit worried as to how TWD would move on without Shane. It’s never easy to kill of a major character in a major series much less a fan favourite, and it was at this point that TWD was getting to grips with their world and moving on from “zombie kill of the week” to one of AMC’S major players along with a show about a chemistry teacher who sells drugs.

Now it looks like Glenn has supposedly been killed off. It has all been a ruse so far until his name was removed from the opening credits. TWD has killed off characters that has aided in both guilty pleasure and spicing up the plot. Looking at you Sarah Tancred….err Lori.

So killing of a major character in a Game of Thrones-esque manner, not withstanding the world their in isn’t necessarily the right idea now given how surprisingly season 6 has fallen below standards.

How could it improve? That’s easy, more carol, more Rick, Michone, Daryl and Glenn?? Also less boring Dialogue we won’t remember once the credit rolls.
Hopefully if this happens The Walking Dead would find it’s feet again.

Also if you think I exaggerate about Shane’s importance to the series,watch Season 2 Episode 7.

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