A while ago I wrote a piece about how most pundits and Journalist alike hate Ronaldo, yes…hate him. some hate him because they couldn’t play up to his standard during their time and he seems to remind them about it every single time as he scores hatricks, super hatricks and even 5goals (sometimes on more than one occasion). But then there are people that Just aren’t satisfied with the fact that he is on par with Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Some say “If he scores less goals it will help the team” a la Terry Gibson of Sky Sports while some don’t like him because he celebrated winning a 3rd Ballon d’or after scoring 17goals in the Champions league the previous season; a continental and Real Madrid record.(see my last post) come in Mr Ian Wright.

Last season people were annoyed because CR7 took off his shirt and celebrated the Champions League triumph instead of looking towards the fact that he smashed so many records along the way including Lionel Messi’s 14goal haul of strikes for a single Champions league campaign and also Madrid claimed the much lauded La décima. But when Neymar did it this season there were no such complaints because Barcelona is the poster club for everyone to like? No?

Well maybe Yes..come through Ben Hayward.

Everyone football fan should know Ben the most self-proclaimed unbiased football enthusiast. without going much further into Ben’s history of Bias it’s best to establish the most recent one.

As of writing this Cristiano Ronaldo had just scored a hatrick against Shakthar Donetsk in Matchday one of the 2015/2016 Uefa Champions League. That hatrick put him on 33 hatricks for Realmadrid, 80 Champions league goals and 499 career goals, you would think this is astonishing but wait till you read Ben’s article about Ronaldo’s achievement here. His first was a penalty and so was his second. Now was the 1st penalty meant to be given? absolutely not. Ronaldo’s shot hit Srna at the back. Should he have missed it because “fair play”?

Absolutely fucking not. Penaldo strikes again. 11 penalties scored;a Uefa champions league record.

The thing is in people’s mind, Ben included, he feels Messi would tell the ref to forfeit the penalty;sorry, not happening he will just miss it, he’s not good at it. ACCEPT THAT.

The most ludicrous thing Ben said in his article was that “he celebrated as if he won the trophy” and that “Penalties are helping him” what a joke an absolute joke for someone who is meant to be a writer. This is not just opinion anymore it’s pure hate.

I’ve said it on so many occasions Ronaldo does not get the respect he deserves, hell even his own fans boo him at times but that’s a love-hate relationship but this…this is pure hate.

Shame on you Ben Hayward.

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  1. Xherdan says:

    True! You got everything right bro. The haters just can’t take it when CR7 breaks another record. The guy deserves credit. He has given everything for Madrid in last 6 years. He’s scoring 50 every season but they want him to defend too. He’s assisting more than anyone in Madrid but they want him to be more selfless. Jerks! And for those Bale fans who think he’s better : Bale can never replace CR7. That guy scored just 13 liga goals last year. He doesn’t deserve the tag of Worlds Costliest.
    Ronaldo is already a Madrid legend. I m thrilled and proud to see him score every time. Hail the beast!


    1. plaingist says:

      hail the beast my friend.


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