In most movies, novels or even children books there is the protagonist and the antagonist, the person people vouch for and the other who puts people in a state of unrest, the hero and the villain….As the curtain draws down for Barcelona and Realmadrid for the 2015/2016 campaign two of our main characters will play a pivotal role in this massive plot line that’ll stretch over 9months.

Ronaldo and Messi. Messi and Ronaldo. who would have thought?, back in 2007 when Ronaldo began slowly showing the world what he could really do, he was eliminated in the semi-finals by a brilliant A.C.Milan side steered to victory by eventual ‘Player of theYear’ Kaka and thus missed out on a maiden Champions League final appearance. Messi meanwhile had won his first of to date four champions league trophies the previous year having done so with a forward line that consisted of the now four-time African player of the year Samuel eto’o and 2 time ‘Ballon d’or’ winner Ronaldinho. At the end of the year Kaka, Ronaldo and Messi, in that order, finished in the ballon d’or votings as the three best players in the world.

Fast-forward eight years and Ronaldo and Messi have won almost every individual award between them excluding the european best award which Messi won in its inception in 2011 and Ronaldo bagged recently in 2014(they are both nominated for this years award too along with Luis Suarez)….there is no stopping them.  They both score 50goals or more in a season, have seven golden boots and seven ballon d’ors between them…unreal. But these are figures everyone knows.


The public eye fixates on this two every time a new season begins, but there are different eyes on Ronaldo or rather different voices and hate towards the boy from madeira. It’s no secret that Ronaldo has an appetite for scoring goals as does every great forward in football past and present but it seems almost every section of the media seem to focus on “why he pulled his shirt off after scoring the last goal” for Realmadrid in their 4-1 win over Atletico in the champions league final last year than the fact that it was Realmadrid’s tenth title and Ronaldo’s 17th goal in the competition that season.

There are two particular anti-ronaldo moments that came up last season that will always surprise me.

Look you can always prefer Messi to Ronaldo or vice-versa, but to say Ronaldo’s “individual obsession with his own achievements is hindering the performance of the Real Madrid team” is unheard of.

Not my words though but of Spanish football “expert” Terry Gibson when he made this statement about Ronaldo. “He has phenomenal stats every year. They get better and better but the all-round performance of Real Madrid is suffering because of his obsession with just scoring goals”.

The other one being none other than when Bale scored last season Gary Lineker went on about how Ronaldo is selfish, has a big ego, etc. Does Ronaldo love scoring? yes. Does he hate that his teammates score? absurd.

Ian Wright’s reason for preferring Messi just clearly establishes my point of the hate Ronaldo receives, see here (start at 2:14).

When Ronaldo got a red card this year it was hunting season for the media especially since it was his 8th career red card.

But when Messi did this (albeit in a friendly) bare words were said and some even questioned why Mbiwa didn’t get sent off for “provoking him”.  There is a pattern.

Ronaldo will not be humble he will always remain proud and even the president of Fifa preferring Messi to him won’t change a thing if not it just makes him better.

So as Real and Barca’s Liga season kick off, we can only wish more goals from these two greats and more drama.

Que empiecen los juegos!!! 

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